Sunday, July 27, 2008


I miss everything and everyone except the food. I am so thankful that I was given this opportunity. This experience was life changing and eye-opening. I have a new perspective of the East Coast. I learned to be more independent. I would like to share some pictures with you.

These were our dormitories.

This is a picture of the Boston skyline. Beautiful is it not?
This picture is of a really tiny bit of Providence.
This is a picture of my instructor and I. I learned so much from her class.
Last but not least this is a picture of the waterfire show.


dongosney said...

Adriana--Great to have you home.

Thanks for sharing the photos.

Charles Ramsey said...

Thanks for the photo's. You look so happy in the picture with your professor Kisa Takesue.

I am glad that you have a lot of fond memories and hopefully your experience will result in the beginning of a great senior year at Richmond High School.

Our entire group cannot thank you and the other young ladies for their wonderful work and commitment to the blog. I was personally blown away by the volume of posts. This group as a whole embraced the concept of group engagement and took the Ivy League Connection to another level.

Thanks again and enjoy the remainder of the summer. Remember school is right around the corner.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District