Friday, July 18, 2008

These are some pictures of friends I've made at Brown. We were on an adventure to find green apples, peanut butter, and caramel.


Ana Garibo said...

I remember those streets! Please enjoy your time at Brown, for me. I miss Brown so much!
I know you people will know how to appreciate such great opportunity and learn so much at Brown.
Explore as much as you can and learn to bond as much as I did while I was there. Please keep up with the post so I can see how it's going over at Brown.
Keep up the great work.

-Ana Garibo
Cornell '08

Charles Ramsey said...

Thanks Ana for coming on board. Since you spent two consecutive summers at Brown you know what the students from Richmond High School and Kennedy are experiencing.

Kiana, thanks for the pictures. It provides us a visual that we could never have seen. I am glad that you are making many friends. I am sure that you will continue to bond with other students from other parts of the country and around the world.

What I really value about your comments are the comparisions that you are making with these students and the students back home. Please remember that many of our students back home do not receive the support that is given to most of these students and that their homes lifes are drastically different and leads to many "Mental Health" issues that prevents them from being able to focus on their academics.

Some would say that this is an excuse but we have to examine how environments impact kids. So keep us posted with photo's. And thanks again Ana for taking an interest in what our students are saying about Brown. I miss Brown to!

Charles T. Ramsey