Saturday, July 12, 2008

I am currently at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport waiting for our flight to depart.
This morning I was on my first plane ride! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, actually it was very exciting. The whole plane ride there I kept on thinking about Brown University and how exciting everything will be when I arrive. I can't wait to meet everyone at Brown and all the students in this program. I feel that my experiences there will greatly affect my perspective of women all around the world, and the struggle they had to go through. I want to take all the information back to my community and tell them that it is possible to achieve! I will keep everyone updated!
- Gina Saechao

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dongosney said...


The anticipation in the air must be pretty thick right now and I;'m betting that the Charlotte Douglas people will be glad when you all leave so things can get back to normal for them.

Of course, We'll all be anxious to hear about your changed perspectives about women after you're done with Brown but I'll also be interested in how it affects your perceptions about men. The two go hand in hand since so much of what women do is controlled still by the acts of men. [I'm a strong advocate of Equal Rights but I still have eyes and can see the way the world works.]

This is a great first posing and it proves that you can make it happen. We'll be sitting at our computers waiting for more blog postings so don't be shy. Try to post at least once per day and don't forget the photos and the video clips.

The goal here is for the Brown team to put the other four teams to shame when it comes to their blog postings.

We want to know everything--leave nothing out. You are our eyes and ears and without you we're deaf and blind.