Tuesday, July 22, 2008

three more days

The days just keep on flying by us. There are only three more days left of class here at Brown. In a way I'm not ready to leave because I like the environment here and being with all my friends, but I do think I'm ready to go back with my family and my older friends.

We started the class with going to the computer lab (or what they call a cluster) to do some research on the topic of our action plan.I did plenty of research on animal cruelty because I chose that to be my topic. My action plan will consist of creating a group or gathering with people to inform people on animal cruelty, like an awareness organization.

For the second part of class, after getting lunch, we got a lesson gender in the classroom specifically from a professor named Deborah Rivas. We got to debate on how a single sex school is better than a co-educational school and vice verse.

Later today we're going to meet up with our classmates, teacher, and teacher assistants to watch a movie related to women and leadership. We will be watching "Iron Jawed Angels". I've never seen it before, but I heard it is a really good movie. I hope I enjoy it.

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dongosney said...

Mercedes--After watching Iron Jawed Angels I hope you do a little bit more research to learn just how horrific we, as men, were towards women up until the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution. I hope you pay attention in the movie to the scene where, after unfurling a banner in front of the White House, these women were jailed for sedition--a crime that was actually punishable by very long prison terms and usually reserved for anarchists trying to overthrow the government. I have several books on the subject that I can refer you to if you wish.

The debate over same sex vs. combined sex schools is interesting and many arguments can be made on both sides. I know that had I been forced to go to a boys only school I would still harbor unhealthy thoughts about my youth. The idea of being schooled only with members of the same sex can be hazardous to our mental health. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the subject--especially after your debate.