Friday, July 18, 2008

Career Exploration ...

Wow. It is amazing to know that there is only one more week left being that today is Friday and the middle of the course. It feels so weird because although it may seem like I have become familiar with this area, it also feels like we've only been here for not that long of a stay. On the other hand, I am looking forward to go home to Richmond and share my experience with many others such as my family, friends, and other future students of the Women and Leadership program.

First of all, we watched a documentary called "Killing Me Softly." It is about how ads and commercial in the media affects our lives as females. It was an eye-opening experience to the shocking truth behind such media portrayals of women. It seemed as if they make the photograph more provocative to take away from the slogans and phrases which is offensive to us females. Until now, I have never fully understood the media's affect on us females until this documentary showed how they make women more like objects and figures other than human beings. I feel really guilty that I had been supporting the stereotypes of women without realizing what I have been doing to myself. Overall, I now have a different perspective about the media.

Today, we had a presentation from Caroline Chiang who helped us find our passion and interest. The first activity was called the RIASEC; realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. I associated more with "realistic" although my interests and skills focus more intently on artistic values. With this experience, I believe that we all have learned that we assocciate with more than one letter, RIASEC. After that, we had to identify which skills and leadership values were more important to us. Basically, this workshop helped shape an idea of what we want to be; anything.

A few minutes before I started blogging, I had seen a thunder flash. FINALLY! After all the hot and humid days, it is finally letting down and raining! However, I hope that it does not rain tomorrow when we are visiting Newport because I really want to go to the beach and just have a good time. Well that is all for now. I will be enjoying the rest of my time here in Rhode Island. I have a lot more to accomplish in so little time but I know that with the support of my friends and peers, I can do it!

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