Tuesday, July 22, 2008


In class today was go over our capstone project, and the essay that is due on Thursday. In the morning we were in the computer lab researching our projects. The capstone project is basically a project that we want to bring back to our community and make it happen. I'm doing my project on teen pregnancy and how I can make it so there are less teenage mother drop outs.
After lunch, we discussed facilitation skills. We each split up into different groups and got a chance to facilitate a discussion on the reading. After that we had a guest speaker, and her is Deborah Rivas. She talked about gender in classrooms. She told us all about how teachers kind of seperate the students by gender, and also are very bias. We also had a debate on weather haiving a public all girls school was good or not.
We had community time today, where we watched a movie called Iron Jawed Angels. It was really good and inspirational. To think that all these women went through so much trouble just to get what was supposedly theirs. This movie really motivates me to persevere and never give up!

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