Sunday, July 13, 2008

day dos... 07/13/08

I apologize that it has taken us a while to post more updates on Brown, but we were having some technical difficulties.
Last night we stayed in temporary dorms and my roommate was from Turkey, she was really nice and told me that she had been here for two weeks and had three more to go, she gave me advice on fun things to do. People here seem to be really friendly compared to back home.
Today was a really busy day, We had our orientation and we also had brunch with Ms. Rose, Brown graduates, our teacher Ms. Takesue and a couple of other people.
I really enjoyed the brunch. The house where we had our brunch (Maddock Alumni Center) was really beautiful... wow! I was speechless and really impressed by it. The brunch went great, Jessica finally gave her speech and it was really good, she worked so hard on it and it really represented what we all feel about being here.
Orientation was okay, we were told the basic rules and I met a couple of new people.

Tomorrow is our first day of class and I can't wait... I have the same feeling I get before "the first day of school". I am going to try to get ahead on my reading so I won't be rushing at the last minute.

Have a nice night,


Adriana Ramirez said...

One thing I forgot to say was Thanks for everyone who made the brunch possible, It was wonderful and very yummy. Special thanks to Mr. Sanchez for the brunch and the gifts.

dongosney said...

Adriana--We understand some of the technical difficulties you were all facing with poor internet and access to computers. We can deal with those kinds of problems--it's the ones where we hear that you just didn't get around to it or that it wasn't all that important to you--those are the ones we have a problem with. From what I hear, though, the Ladies from Brown are the best and we should all expect grand things from your team.

Isn't amazing how much fun events can be when people are friendly towards you. I'm sure you already know, though, that it's a two way street. Treat other people with respect and as friends and they'll come right back at you with more of the same.

Everybody's been writing about Tahia's and Jessica's great speeches but I need someone to write about the food. I hear it was pretty good at the luncheon. I hope someone took photos of the food that they can post.

The tough part is already behind you, Adriana, you got to Brown. The classroom stuff is all down hill so just go with the flow, have a good time and come back enlightened.