Friday, July 25, 2008

The End.

This trip has been such an enriching and wonderful experience! I am so thankful for this opportunity and wouldn't change it for anything in the world! In the past two weeks, I've met wonderful people who I wish to keep in touch with after this. I learned a lot of valuable information, and can't wait to bring it all back to my community. I can't really explain what I am feeling right now because it's all just so overwhelming. I am sad to see evryone go, but I'm also happy to be going home. I can't imagine any other group of girls that can get together and practically become a family in two weeks! They are all amazing girls and I know that we'll be hearing about them in the future.
Kisa, Kim and Charnise are so terrific! I will truely remember what they have taught us this summer, and all the hard work they put forth. They just know how to make us engaged in a discussion, no matter what the topic is. I feel that they put all their heart into this program, and I really appreciate it! I really cannot believe that we are leaving! Rhode island seems like a second home now. I will definately consider Brown as a choice for college, although I will miss home a lot. Before coming to this program I would have never wanted to go so far for college, but by getting this chance I got to see the environment of the campus and familiarize myself with the area. I like it here and it doesn't hurt the fact that Brown is a great school!
Time flies by quickly when your having fun! Now thinking back, we've learned so much in so little time that it's amazing I survived! This course really challenged me time wise because I wanted to explore the area, but I had to do my homework. The readings that we did really made me think about my perspective of women, and if I was right to have thought that way. I know I already said it a million times, but I really enjoyed these two weeks!The learning experience was great! Everyone thought at the same level and wanted to get something out of this. I will miss everyone, it's so hard to say good-bye! But as for now I have no other choice.

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dongosney said...

Gina⎯So tell us, did you have a good time?

No matter what the course load or what we expected from you in class, if you didn’t have a good time while at Brown the whole trip would have been a failure in our eyes. It sounds like you all made this program a success, though.

I think I can speak for all of us when I write that we wish we could have sat in on your classes to learn what you all did. It sounds all so exciting and, with the right mindset, so enlightening. I know I use that word a lot but it seems so apropos here.

We’re all excited, too, about seeing how the Ladies from Brown take their newfound skills and use them in their own settings at their respective high schools. I think we need to stay in touch with your high school instructors to learn from them of the changes in you they may see.

I hope you can appreciate, Gina, just how little it takes to make humongous changes. Now that you have some of these skills, what can we expect to see from you about changing your world? We’ll be watching.