Monday, July 14, 2008

first day of class

Today was our first day of class and it was really interesting, we have to participate a lot and I really feel comfortable in our environment that it makes me want to participate. Our teacher is really nice and she asks us some really good questions that make us think about what is going on in the world with woman and leaders. We had ice breaker games that were designed to make everyone feel comfortable. We also gave our own definition of woman and leaders in general, and who we admired.
We also had a speaker come and talk to us about feminist, Gail Cohee, we were given the chance to ask her questions on her opinions about feminism and women leadership.

p.s. Lunch was pretty yummy. :)
We have homework tonight, will update you guys later.


dongosney said...

Adriana--Maybe now you're getting an appreciation of what it means to be a leader (hence the Women in LEadership title). You can't be a leader by sitting in the back of the classroom watching. You have to dive right in and give it everything you have.

Maybe you can give us some insight into who you admire as women in leadership positions throughout the world? Won't you please share with us back home what you shared with your new classmates?

And Adriana, when you just tell us that lunch was pretty yummy, you're leaving us hanging. You need to tell us what it was that was so yummy. Even if you know that all we had was a leftover baloney sandwich, you need to tell us about such things as your fine meal and why it was so yummy. Tell us EVERYTHING.

dongosney said...

Adriana--Your team has been back east now for two full days but all we're getting from you are words.

Where are the photos? Ask your compadres and tell them we want photos!

You tell us how great the food is but we want to see for ourselves. You tell us the heat is sweltering but we want to see either photos of melting sidewalks or lots of pretty young gals in skimpy attires. We hear that you all got dressed in girly clothes for the brunch yesterday but we're not seeing any proof of such an act.

Pictures, Adriana! We want pictures!