Tuesday, July 15, 2008


After lunch we had guest speakers from Youth In Control. We played some games that related to Women in leadership, and what we thought of it. Our homework tonight is to interview someone that we admire, and she has to be a woman. We also have some reading to do.
After class we did some more exploring and found out a lot about the area, like the hills are not friendly! We also tried this pizza place called Antonio's, it was delicious. There is a dance going on right now, but we're not going because we have to do our homework and blog!!! It doesn't seem all that exciting either. Well, that's all for now!
p.s. the pictures won't upload? help?

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Madeline Kronenberg said...


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and reporting in on your class activities -- and for coming back and blogging.

As far as the pictures go -- save them to your desktop -- give the ones you want to upload a caption so you can find them easily -- and then you should be able to find them from there (upload one at a time). If you want to upload a slideshow -- the best way I know is to download Picassa (it's a Google program) and then create the slideshow in Picassa and up can upload that. Hope this helps, otherwise check in with Mr. Miranda, he knows how to do it now.

Take care and great blogging.