Sunday, July 20, 2008

Red Tides

On Saturday, we took a trip to Newport for the Japanese/pirate festival where we went to the beach. We never actually got around to exploring the festival because the beach was so nice and we stayed the whole day. It was my first time experiencing a red tide which is apparently common for New England beaches. Last summer I went to a summer science camp where we learned all about red tides. The pictures of them were so weird; they looked like some type of modern art with the huge fan like blooms of red. I finally got to see what I spent a whole summer studying in real life.

Today the group from WCCUSD went to Boston but because I went there for a week before I came here to visit my uncle, I spent the day exploring the Brown campus. I also caught up on all of my homework (thank goodness!) and took two naps. It was a very relaxing day. In the evening we had community time to reflect on the past week. We also were asked to give suggestions on how they can improve the Leadership Institute because it is a relatively new program. I think it's great that they want our input and really take our opinions into consideration.

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Charles Ramsey said...

Thanks Kiana for your comments. We will continue to need to hear how the experience is making a difference in your life. I did know that you were already in Boston prior to our other young ladies being in Providence so I knew that it would most likely be something uninteresting to you, so I am glad that you got some rest at Brown.

I do hope that being on the East Coast has opened your perspective on looking at a multiple number of schools when applying to college. I am further excited that Brown has caught your attention. It is a wonderful and engaging place to get an education. Continue to take all that is around you in and I hope you will share your experience with other students on campus at El Cerrito High School.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey