Sunday, July 20, 2008

Raining Cats and Dogs

To start off the blog posting, today was an adventure-six forms of transportation. First of all, we took the bus to Amtrak, which took us to Boston. From Boston, we took the trolley to the free boat ride along the coast of Boston. Then we got back on the trolley and viewed the rest of Boston. I found out a little bit about its history and it is amazing! We seen the place where the Boston Tea Party took place and the cemetary where Benjamin Franklin's parents are buried at. It is kind of eccentric to place a cemetary in the middle of a busy city like Boston. We seen so many historic monuments and buildings that I cannot begin to name all of them. We did see the pond in which they used to drown the accused witches at which is scary because we were walking on the land where they murdered many accused innocent females, but the Freedom Trail runs right along side it so it was all good.

After that, we went on a tour cut short of Harvard. I felt so special to walking on the grounds of such a prestigous school from where all the important people came from such as presidents, celebrities, and others. I wish I could of seen more but it started raining and thundering down on us like crazy. You can say it was raining cats and dogs. It was crazy running around to get to a safe zone to get out of the rain. Then we went to Uno to grade a bite to eat. From Uno we went to catch the next bus so we arrived late to Community Time, but we called ahead to inform our RA's and other people. Afterwards, we took a cab back to the dorms and reached our destination, finally! So today, we took the train, bus, boat, trolley, subway, and cab! Six different types of public transportation. I've had a LONG day as a tourist and now I should be finishing up my long list of homework so bye!

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Charles Ramsey said...

It appears that you are now an expert tourist! Meuy, you have a real gift of being clear in your posts and I am glad that the summer experience has touched you and made a difference in your life. Please continue to enjoy Brown and take the time to learn more about the college. IT would be wise to also take a College Tour of Brown before you leave.

Please also note that Mr. Miranda is going to visit Yale and if you have a chance you may want to ask him to bring back materials or if you have a window of free time to go on the excursion with him. It is only two hours away in New Haven, Connecticut.

From reading your post it also appears that Boston left an impression on you. I am glad that you had a chance to visit this historical city.

Enjoy the balance of your time in Providence and on the Brown campus.

Best Wishes.

Charles T. Ramsey
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District