Monday, July 14, 2008

Class Time!!!

The weather was not as sunny, and there were many clouds. Today I went to the Ratty! This is also known as the breakfast area, which conveniently is close to our dorm area. We went in search for our class in the Watson Institute, (there are a lot of names at Brown University).
During class, Kisa Takesue and the TA, Kim, helped everyone do a name game where we made an adjective or action with our name. Mine was "jumping Jessica"! It was really fun! Then we did a kind of game to interpret our definitions of leadership within simple and vague questions. One question was "Are you a yes or a no." Everyone started in the middle and then they go to either the left of the right side depending on your preference. Lunch then began and I was able to meet a new friend! When class resumed, there was a short game of twizzle, where everyone walks clockwise and there is one person saying instructions such as turn, go, stop, twizzle (jump in a circle). You also have a person trying to confuse you. If you got it wrong your out! This was just a little game to get us active again. Soon Gail Cohee, a director of the Sarah Doyle women's Center, came and gave us an awesome view on women in leadership positions. With a few minutes left, the class answered a couple of questions in the journal that Kisa gave out. We defined leadership and talked about who we admired as leaders.
Once class was over, a couple of us were able to go to the mall!!! It was really big and pretty!!! Along the way I saw a lot of really nice buildings!
When we got back there was a mandatory dorm meeting. The whole purpose was to find our type of leadership form, from North that was straightforward, South that was the caring one, East that was the creative one, and West which was the technical one. I chose East! We did a skit too! It was pretty funny to see! And now that it's over I have homework to complete!

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dongosney said...

Jessica--Great to hear from you again.

If you get a chance, refer to my comment to Giggling Gina about the nickname thing.

Sometimes it can be confusing at these colleges where all of the buildings are named after a donor with a lot of extra cash available to donate. Try to imagine in our own school district if we started selling the naming rights of our buildings: The Richmond Sanitary Cafeteria; the Charles Ramsey Clinic for Heated Exchanges; The Don Gosney Institute of Bodily Waste Functions. I think you might agree that going to eat in the cafeteria is still better than heading off to the Jack-in-the-Box Culinary Emporium.

It's great that you're telling us about some of the things they're teaching you but how about telling us something about your own thoughts on the subjects? For instance, who are the female leaders in this world that you admire and would want to emulate? And why?

Part of this whole process is to get you all to think for yourself. If you could do it all out of a book we wouldn't need to send you across the country. We could just buy the DVD and sit you down in front of your computer an save ourselves a bunch of bucks. These classes are designed to stir up your own thoughts on the matter and, by interacting with others, being exposed to the viewpoints of others from a diverse set of backgrounds.

I'm betting that your eyes are being opened at every turn and you're soaking in tons of new ideas. I can't tell you how much we'd enjoy for you to share some of that with us, Jessica.

And more photos--we need more photos.

Have fun