Monday, July 14, 2008

First Day of School

Today was the very first day of our women and leadership courses. We all did a lot of different ice breakers to get to know each other's names and to get to know a little about each other. We all had lots of fun. Actually we were so loud while conversing that our teacher, Kisa, had to close the door to not disturb the other people in the same building.
After the morning class we all went to eat lunch, but we were kinda late so there were no more buns left for the burgers. I didn't mind because I don't eat meat there fore I wouldn't have a burger.
In the afternoon session we had a guest speaker called Gail Cohee. We talked mostly about how woman were stereotyped and how in our own schools it happens as well.
After class we head over to town with a group. We walked by the Rhode Island school of Design. We also found out were the bus station was, for emergencies.
Later today we had activities with people from the same building that we are staying at. We did an activity where we all got to choose a type of leader that we think we are most like. Within our groups of common leaders we discussed why we chose it and the things we didn't like about the other types of leaders.
Know we finally got free time, but we have to use it to do our first homework assignment.
I'm still having trouble getting use to the weather here, but other than that I having a great time.

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dongosney said...

Mercedes--Another lesson you've learned: no matter how efficient things are set up, those who dawdle in the buffet line end up eating the scraps. And even if you don't eat meat, wouldn't it have been nice to have a bun to throw your veggies on? Or maybe you could have traded it to someone for an extra helping of veggies or pasta. The bottom line is that you were entitled to a bun and it should have been YOUR choice to refuse one and not theirs to deprive you of one.

I'm not sure I understand this so help me out if you can. This is an institute of higher education where most of the people running the place are supposed to be kind of bright. So how is that you run out of hamburger buns? I mean, if you throw 100 meat patties on the grill than you know you're going to need 100 buns, too. Am I right? Even though you may have people who double up on the patties to bun ratio or maybe just take a patty without the bun, both of these scenarios means that they should have had extra buns instead of coming up short. [Although, we've all seen some strange logic in the hot dog business haven't we? I mean, they sell hot dogs 10 to the pack but they sell hot dog buns 8 to the pack. Common sense would say that the two ought to get their act together but we also know that the bun makers do this on purpose to force you to buy that second pack of buns just so you'll have enough.]

As you're seeing first hand, we can get so acclimated to the great weather we have here at home that when we go elsewhere and have to suffer through bitter cold, blistering heat or drowning humidity, we tend to suffer. It's a lot easier for other people to come to our great weather and get by but it's a hardship for us when we go to where the weather's less hospitable.

Great to hear from you about what's going on both inside the classroom and out. Keep the blog postings coming.