Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lunch Break

Before class will begin again, I will update a bit. We are having a great speaker, Jen Madden, who is helping the class with public speaking. This is one of the main reasons I feel that I joined a women and leadership class; to be able to approach others with more confidence and give speeches with more clarity and impact. I must say there are a lot of notes and factors that I wrote down which can cause slight misinterpretations when one is giving a speech. You must have a good tone, good body position, gestures, have silence, and much more. All of these are basically floating around in your head while giving a presentation to someone!!! It really seems like a lot to handle right now, but I think that it really takes a lot of practice. That is why, I shall head back to class, where every one shall give an impromptu speech! This will be interesting!

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