Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday, July 22nd

Last night we had a reading about how male students get more lead way in education and how many of the administrators and teachers are bias towards them. I have not really noticed that at our school... and I don't think that is a prominent issue at our school. I tend to see girls at Richmond High earning better grades than male students.

We also had a debate about what is better single sex schools or co-ed schools. I personally think that co-ed schools are way better. I have been to a lot of schools (both religious and public) and being around both males and females has given me lots of confidence to express my opinions and not be afraid to talk or defend myself when I'm around males and females.

This past week I have been having some problems with the class, not with anyone in particular but my definition of leadership is way different than most of the girls in my class.

I define a LEADER as someone who changes someone's life for better. The community has to be the one to consider YOU a leader not yourself. I feel that there is a big difference between having a leadership role for example being president of a club and being a leader. Just because you are in a Leadership class that does not give you the right to call yourself a leader. I hope I am explaining my thoughts well.

The first day of class was almost like a cultural shock to me when Dean Kisa asked us "do you think you are a leader?" Many of the girls said yes and some said they didn't know or that they weren't. I personally do not consider myself a leader, or at least I feel that modesty is virtue. I have always learned that you have to be modest and not brag about yourself unless it's necessary for example in a job interview or so, and even then it is hard for me to talk about myself. I now have learned and have came to the conclusion that everyone interprets things different and that not everyone is as modest about what they have accomplished as I would want them to be.

To top this off class was great as always we practiced on how to become better discussion facilitators. I think today's session was very helpful because at the clubs I'm involved in I run the meetings and I think what I learned today will help me be a better facilitator for my peers.


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dongosney said...

Adriana--The more I read from The Ladies at Brown the more impressed I am with the quality of those we sent east.

I like the fact that you're expressing your own opinions even if they differ from the opinions of your classmates.

I'm also glad that you're seeing that leadership does not come about by self proclamation. I know that even in my own house I've declared myself the exalted ruler of all that I can see but I can't even get my cat to follow my direction so what would make me think that I'm actually some sort of leader?

You're absolutely right that even if you take the lead in a project, unless you garner the respect of the rest of your team and they agree, of their own free will, to follow your lead, then you're not really a leader.

Just as you're becoming more aware, Adriana, leadership is demonstrated by example and not by proclamation. We've had many Presidents over the years who, by definition of the title they hold, are leaders but they failed to demonstrate leadership qualities in the performance of their jobs and failed the leadership tests.

Also, even a true leader can recognize her gift of leadership and it doesn't make her any less of a leader because she knows it.