Tuesday, July 15, 2008

heyyyyy there, Second day of class.

Today was ous second day at the Women and Leadership class. We had a presentation from some lovely ladies from the Youth in Action Non-Profit organization, they talked about their organization and what they do. They advocate non-violence and have workshops about non-violence and AIDs information. They also talked about other programs they have.
Their website is youthinactionri.org
We also had Dean Robin Rose speak to the class, she told us how important it is to develop well listening and summarizing skills to be an efective leaders. We had different activities where we talked to one of our classmates and had to try the conversation going for about five minutes, expressing interest, giving eye-contact, asking open-ended questions and having good body language.
I am really enjoying Brown, and so far I really like it here.
Today I learned from class that everyone is really different, and that we all get judged wether in our communities or out of them. Today I also learned that young women you take a leadership will always be looked down upon because of their age but that should just make you strive for better... to prove everyone wrong.

Today for homework we have to interview a woman and ask her questions about women and leadership.

goodnight everyone,
adriana ramirez

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