Monday, July 14, 2008

First Day of Class

Today was the official first day of class. So my routine this morning was to wake up, get ready, and walk to the closest cafeteria which is like less than five minutes away in contrast to the main hall that is like a very long walk into the city and more. I have learned that in order to get inside the building faster, you have to wake up earlier because the line was extremely long. It took us at least ten minutes to get into the building. Then after that, we had some time to spare so we went back to our dorms to get our books and necessities. So afterwards, we walked across the street to the Watson Institute where our room is.

The first thing I noticed about the building was the stairs, probably due to my interest in architecture. The stairs were really unique and long. We finally found our room after a woman helped navigate us to the RIGHT room. So we started off with an introduction of the teachers and the basics-getting to know each other. We also played a really cool game called "Twizler." So that is basically it. Well we did get a presentation from Gail Cohee. Well that is all. We got lots of homework to tend to and I should not be a procrastinator so so long. Until next time ... which is tomorrow.

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dongosney said...

Meuyyy--Don't you hate those lines?

I spent several hours in a line trying to get my new iPhone the other day knowing full well that they only had 50 phones and I was #82 in line. I had to order a phone later in the day.

You need to see how they feed you in the military in some places. The tables are about 4 feet high and there are no stools so you have to eat standing. The idea is that you're there to eat and move on so they make it uncomfortable for you to sit and socialize with your pals. I guess they figure you'll have plenty of time for that on the marches and when you go into battle.

Sounds like you're getting the hang of things, though. It didn't take you the full two weeks to learn how to get yourself fed.

Life is good.