Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adriana Ramirez is a rising senior at Richmond High School. She was born in Mexico (Jalisco State) and is the oldest of three girls. Her experience attending pre-college classes at Brown University has been positive. She appreciates the culture of maturity on campus and the interaction with her classmates during her Gender Studies class. Adriana reports that the two-week course has "gone by fast" and that she has been careful to manage her study time in order to complete the coursework. She looks forward to applying for admission to Brown and is interested in a political science and/or history major. Adriana’s eventual goal is to become an attorney-advocate on behalf of social justice issues. Her internship in the Public Defender office in Richmond introduced her to the legal profession and the inequities of the justice system. Adriana believes she can provide needed insight on issues that effect the rights of the Spanish speaking community.
Mario Miranda

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