Monday, July 21, 2008

Boston Pictures!!!

The Red Line subway station or the "T"

Harvard Entrance

Boston Skyline

Bunker Hill monument in the background
USS Constitution, the oldest commission ship in the Navy

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge

The State House

The cruise ship that we road on with the aquarium in the background
Fanueil Hall

Adriana, Me, Anne

The Restaurant in the Hood milk bottle, its in front of the children's museum


Madeline Kronenberg said...

Wonderful pictures!!! Makes me want to get some chowder!!

Thanks for taking us on the trip.

dongosney said...

Anyone that posts photos is okay in my book. I love the words but I go soft when I see photos.

As a professional photographer I often ask myself what we did before we had cameras we could hold out at arm's length to include ourselves in the shot? Of course, with the big super heavy cameras I use that's not an option but, then again, that's my loss since none of my photos have me in them (and I'm so good to look at).