Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day Three

Today, Wednesday, we had a very informative and interesting Guest speaker come to our class to talk to us about public speaking so that we would be ready for speeches at the end of the program. She started out by asking us what were the things that scared us the most about giving speeches. Then from there she just told us how to improve and do it better. For example, like going blank on what one is going to say. She told us that we should have note cards to remind us of topics to talk about so we don't have awkward pauses. She had us all decide on a topic that would be our action plan for when we all go back home. Then we all just had to take some quick notes for our short speech. As we all went up one by one, while being video taped at the same time, the audience had to ask questions and give the speaker feedback on what we can improve and what we did well on. I believe I could have done a way better job than what I did, but I just let my nerves control me. Yet that is why I'm here to learn the skills to become better at these things.
After class we all just went to our rooms to rest and to get a head start on our reading for the night.
Also we were discussing how tomorrow might be because we have a rope course to do tomorrow for the duration of our usual class time.
I'm really hoping that by the end of this program do end up with a great speech and presentation.

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Charles Ramsey said...

You will end up with a great speech before you leave Brown University. I am so happy for you Mercedes. This trip has done a great deal for your confidence. I want you to continue to work hard and keep us posted on your daily activities.

Remember, your chaperone is there to support all of you and if you need for him to take you places feel free to contact him. One thing that I want for you to continue to do is to feel good about speaking up on issues that you have opinions. You have a great mind and I want you to share your feelings.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey