Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Public speaking nervousness?

Today class was all about public speaking and we had Dr. Jen Madden speak to us about how we can become better public speakers, she gave us numerous tips that I am surely going to put into use. One that I am really going to really use is when I go blank and after that getting all nervous and flustered, a way to not panic is by just taking a breath, "silence is OK" that's what he told us. One message I really took with me today was "Confidence CAN be faked." and that everyone gets nervous no matter how many times they have given speeches. After being given all those tips, we all went to lunch and when we came back every girl in the class had to give an impromptu speech of a topic of their preference. Mines was about putting a book together about the stories of migrant workers who seek jobs outside of Home Depot's (mainly the one in our community) to let everyone know about people from our community who we really don't as much about.
I can't wait for tomorrow, we will be doing a ropes course (I've participated in one before) they are really fun and teach us all about team work.


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Charles Ramsey said...


I am proud of your determination and willingness to adapt and learn new tactics. Brown University has tremendous resources and being on campus will enable you to understand its history and place in the academic world.

Thanks for bringing our situation to the East Coast. They need to understand the migrant issue and the stress that it places on Latino families and how the men bring home their frustrations after maybe not working that day. Please continue to use your voice to expand the conversation and discuss issues that are "foreign" to those who grace the hallowed halls of Brown University.

You see that you have a place amongst the elite and that you have voice that has power.

Keep up the good work and continue to share your thoughts on the blog.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey