Monday, July 14, 2008

Here is a picture of Maddock Alumni Center where Jessica gave her inspirational speech to the alums, Brown staff and our students on Sunday morning. The brunch there was wonderful -- as was the company. It gave us all a memorable beginning to what I know will be a fabulous two weeks for these students.

For the record, we had an omellete bar, fresh fruit, banana bread french toast and pastries as our menu. Beautifully executed and served in a spectacular dining room. We dined with alums and members of the local latino group -- BULAC. Robin Rose, program director, was also present to greet and support our students. A great start!!

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dongosney said...

Madeline--I appreciate the photos so I can visually see what everyone else is using words to describe.

The building looks nice but do you have any photos of those omelettes?