Monday, July 14, 2008

first day of class!!!!

Today was fantastic! We have started our classes, and we met a lot of people. Today’s class started off with icebreakers, so that we could get to know each other better. The icebreakers were really fun and I learned a lot about my fellow class mates. We played a name game where to put an adjective before your name, mine was giggly Gina. Basically in class we talked about what we defined as a leader and how women are portrayed in the world. We had a guest speaker named Gail Cohee from the Sarah Doyle’s Women Center. She answered our questions about the program and women being looked down upon. After lunch we went back to class and wrote our reflection of what a leader is and the skills it takes to be one.
I got my official Brown ID today! It was a very fast and simple process; all they had to do was take our picture. I also signed up for a “pirate trip” to Newport on Saturday. I can’t wait; it seems like a lot of fun. As the days pass I’m really getting to know all my colleagues and everything about them. I can tell we’re going to keep in touch after this. After class we went to the mall, which is really big and cool. I didn’t do much shopping, I call it “site seeing”.
As each day passes, it makes me more excited to be here! I’ve also taken a few pictures and those will be going up soon. As for now, I have to do the rest of my homework. Bye!

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dongosney said...

Gina--Maybe it's the whole East Coast stereotype thing but when you mentioned the concept of adding an adjective to your name it reminded me so much of the Mafia and how they do the same thing: Tony the Tuna, Crazy Joe, Joe Bananas, Ice Pick Abe, Machine Gun Kelly, Scarface Al...the list goes on.

I suppose you could have done a whole lot worse than Giggly Gina. And now that you've posted it here on the blog for the world to read, it's a name you had better get used to.

And, once again, one of you decided to tease me by saying you have photos and you'll get them up soon. Just so you know, Gina, I have a lot of photos, too. While most of my photos are good, I have plenty with the eyes closed, or with gravy running down the chin. These are in my "special" place to be brought out only in an emergency. Let's just say that if I were to see some of your photos posted soon, I wouldn't feel compelled to post any of my photos from my "special" place. Do you catch my drift, Gina? I thought so.

Thanks for all of the postings. We're enjoying them.