Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back in Richmond, CA

Wow. I cannot believe that I am back in Richmond already. As much as I miss Rhode Island, I have a family at home. I wish that I could be at two places at the same time but that is impossible unless I have super super super long legs! Well, I really have nothing else to say besides thank you all so much for giving me this opportunity. Words really cannot express all the gratitude in the world for everything you all have done. You pratically showed me the world and I really appreciate what you all are doing. Please continue to do this because it is a good cause. Please continue to bring more happiness to the students in the WCCUSD. We need more people like you ladies and gentlemen. THANK YOU!

-Meuy Saephan

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dongosney said...

Meuyyy⎯It shouldn’t come as any kind of surprise to any of us but after a grueling and very long flight home, you still found the time to post another blog.

We all welcome you home, Meuyyy. There’s no place like home.

As for that being in two places at one, time⎯maybe you ought to plan on being only one place at a time. You’re much too attractive a young woman to start sporting super super super long legs.