Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good Morning!

We are updating you all this morning about our morning. Since we are three hours ahead of the West Coast, it is officially almost nine o' clock when it is almost six o' clock over there. We had just gotten back from breakfast at Ratty's. Our class do not begin until nine thirty so we are just in our dorms, well specifically Gina's and Jessica's dorm room. They are just waiting for me to post a blog so they can post one but I doubt that we will have enough time for us all to post a blog. Anyways, the weather over here is very humid; very different from the weather in California. So far, I have met a lot of new people from all over the country and even some international students, which is pretty awesome because even though we are all from different locations, we share a common interest in becoming women leaders of the world. Anyways, this is all. I will update you later about the lecture from Ms. Robin Rose! For now, bye!

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dongosney said...

Meuyyy--Sometimes we learn lessons in strange and unusual ways. We have a six and a half billion people on this planet yet every day we find that the world is smaller than we might have imagined.

You're meeting people from all over the world and you're learning that your interests and theirs are very similar.

Just last weekend while you all were headed to Charlotte, Jared was headed back t Ithaca through Philly where he ran into the rest of our Ithaca Team heading home. What are the chances of a chance encounter like that?

What's the computer situation like back there? How many from our team were able to bring their own laptops? For those who couldn't, what are their computer access options?

Sometimes those of us who have some things forget that other people may not have the same things. My world is computers and I would have a tough time adjusting to a day without one so I often forget that there are a whole lot of people who get by just fine without ever sitting in front of one of these things.