Saturday, July 19, 2008

So Much Fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. Today we did so much. Half of the day we went to Newport with a bunch of students from Brown. There was a little festival going on with activities, but I didn't really go to the festival. I spent most of the time walking the street going to souvenir stores. Also we went to the beach in Newport to meet up with some friends from class. Some of them were from places like Chicago and New Jersey. The beach was big and packed with many people. It was very nice though compared to the dirty beaches I'm use to in Richmond, California. I didn't get wet because I did not go prepared to get in the water. I enjoyed my time playing in the sand and collecting pretty shells. We all met up at the buses, there were six of them, around 3:30. Getting back to Brown I was pooped.
Later that afternoon after eating dinner we headed over to town to watch the famous water fire show we were hearing so much about. It was awesome. A man got int the middle of the water and did cool tricks with the fire before lighting up each set of big torch type things. Also the were people dressed up as statues. There were two Gargoyles and one oracle. Then before heading to the campus we watched a brilliant performance of Capoera.
Today was a very memory kind of day. I know i saw things I would go home and tell everyone. I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!

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