Friday, July 25, 2008

Kiana Ward is a rising senior at El Cerrito High School and part of the six-student ILC cohort at Brown University. After adjusting to the New England summer--warm humid days with recurring thunder showers--Kiana settled into her Gender Studies/Leadership classes at Brown. She appreciated her instructor, Professor Takesue, for being supportive and for developing her public speaking skills. All the students had to perform a speech three times and were critiqued after each presentation. Kiana reports being the most confident during her third performance. The leadership class also identified leadership models through which Kiana came to understand her style of leadership. Upon reflecting on her approach to leadership, she believes careful planning will be the key to her success. We can look forward to Kiana applying her public speaking skills in ILC presentations to high school and middle-school students in the coming year. As for her post-secondary education, Kiana is interested in majoring in science and/or math. She looks forward to applying to Brown, UCLA, and UC-Santa Cruz. When asked what advice she may have for future ILC students attending Brown, Kiana said to "bring shorts, and speak out in class."

Mario Miranda

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dongosney said...

Smart, good looking and armed newly acquired self-defense skills? Sounds like Kiana's going to be a big hit when she returns to El Cerrito High this fall.