Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's all coming to an end!

This wonderful trip is coming to a slow end! I cannot believe that two weeks passed by so quickly! I am so glad that I was able to come! I'm also so sad that I have to leave all od=f my new friends behind, but I'm sure that we will keep in touch.
Today was a great day in class. In the moring we practiced our capstone speeches in front of our classmates. It was very nerve wreaking, but I could tell that I improved from the last time we did it. Everyone had a different topic which makes it even better. I learned so much from everyone's speeches, it was incredible to know that we all are very common. Today we had lunch with Robin Rose at Joshiah's. It was great because we got to talk and she really got to know us better. The lunch was a great way to bond, and we also gave her her card. I could tell that it really touched her!
After lunch, Michelle Nuey came to talk to us about her indiginous background, and also self defense. She was half Native American and half African American, and she told us about how she does dances for her tribe. She comes form the Wampanog Tribe in South Eastern MA. After describing her background she taught us a lot about how we should defend ourselves. We learned different techniques of attacking our predators. Hopefully I won't ever have to use these new skills, but it is helpful to have learned them.

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dongosney said...

Gina⎯Sorry to burst your bubble here but it’s time for you all to return home with all of your newfound education.

We’ve been wiling away our days and nights reading all of your wonderful blog posts but now it’s time to come home and tell us in person about all that you’ve done, all you’ve learned and what we can expect from you now that you’ve become enlightened. And, of course, share any photos you might have.

From what I’ve read from your teammates, today may have been one of your best days. Everyone seems to have picked up a lot from the practice speeches, the lunch with Robin Rose sounds like it was pretty special and then you got some training in practical leadership and self-defense skills.

And to top it all off you got to post more blogs.

Just how can it get any better than this unless you were to throw in a laundry session for good measure? [But then, who in their right minds does laundry 36 hours before returning home?]

Hurry home, Jessica, and have a safe flight home.