Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Impromtu Speech

Well I must say that this speech went astray. We had a minute to gather our thoughts and create a kind of speech that would be related to our Capston Project (the goal or activity we want to bring back to our community). Now, I believed I had all the information and organization down, but I found out that I volunteered too soon. I wondered off the topic and started ranting a lot. I kind of mixed up my goals and in the end the message did not get through to the audience. Though I am thinking back A LOT about how I could have done better, I think I really learned many new ways to address a group of people and a lesson of being better prepared for making a persuading speech. I didn't mention it yet, but this speech was recorded! That is why I want to be able to see a difference a week and a half from now and say, "Wow, that was how I used to talk in front of people?" I hope there will be an improvement and I shall strive hard to get better!!!

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Charles Ramsey said...

Yes Jessica this is a chance for you to learn and get better. Use this time at Brown to expand your knowledge and become a better listener and thinker. You have a great attitude and you will do wonderful things by just being part of the program.

I hope that the Ropes Course will be useful and that you will learn a great deal about teamwork. Also I want to remind you to visit the Admissions office and get information on Brown. I would also strongly suggest that you take the campus tour so you can learn more about Brown University.

Hope all else is going well and enjoy your final ten days at Brown.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey