Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday ...

WOW ... I cannot believe that it is Thursday already. We will be leaving Saturday. It seem to have gone by too fast. I am speechless and I cannot describe this feeling I have in the pit of my stomach.

When we first arrived here, I was a bit intimidated. I knew that the people I was to meet would be of different economic status but I realized that friendship is not determined by how much money their family have; it is what they have brought to the plate that counts. Coming here at first, I did not think that I would make a bonding friendship in two weeks and then watch us seperate. I do not the feeling of drifting away but I know that this is not the end of us all. As much as I love Brown, and Providence in general, I have a family to go back to in Richmond. However, because of all these new technology such as internet, cell phones, and others, I know for sure that we will keep in close contact with each other. I have already added many friends on Facebook and MySpace. Somehow, I have a feeling that we will continue to support one another even after class has ended; the distance cannot stop the power of a group of young women leaders!

Overall, this experience was absolutely amazing! The class was not just a normal class about women history but it helped me find myself and my passion. Not to mention that I have learned a lot about other diversity of people. Now, I will be cautious when I judge people because there is so much more to a person that what they show on the outside. I have learned this through meeting people from all over the United States such as Texas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and even a girl from Toronto, Canada. We have all developed a bond that will stretch across the country and even more.

Lastly, I want to thank ALL of you who have made this possible for me and the rest of us for this experience. I would of never gotten this opportunity if it was not for you all. I appreciate what you are all doing and I hope you continue to do so because you are bringing so much joy and happiness to the students you are sponsoring to send to the East Coast. The feeling of this whole experience brings so much warmness to my heart and now I can go back to Richmond and share this warmness with my family and friends. And again, from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank you all.


Charles Ramsey said...

Your welcome Meuy. You are great and I am happy that we brought you some sunshine. I knew this program would make a difference for our students and I am glad that you are now a true blue ILC member.

Keep up the good work and let your family know how proud of you we are as well as the rest of the ILC crew.

Have one great evening tomorrow night and just think you are just a rising Junior, you get another year of the Ivy League Connection.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey

dongosney said...
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dongosney said...

Don Gosney said...
Meuyyy⎯Those bonds you wrote of are a very important part of matriculating into adulthood. Whether they’re bonds forged in high school, at band camp, in a sorority, church or any other group, they’re the bonds that can last forever⎯but only if you make them. It’s a lot easier to maintain those bonds when you live just down the street from the other person but when they live in another state or country, it takes lots of dedication and work to maintain those bonds. My advice to you, Meuyyy, is to work hard at those bonds. Friendships like this just don’t happen on their own. They take a lot of effort on the part of both parties so just make it happen.

As I read some of the postings these past couple of days it appears that although everyone had a good time, made lots of new friends and became enlightened with newfound ideas and concepts, it sounds like you’re all very anxious to come home. There’s nothing like home⎯nothing like sleeping in your own bed and eating the food you grew up with. And, I suspect for many of you, having someone else do your laundry for a while.

I offer you the best of luck on your last day and have a safe flight home.