Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two more days left!

I can't believe that there are only two more days left! It seems like yesterday that we all just started the class. It is, really sad that the class has to end; I'll miss all my new friends, the class, and Brown University. The class has taught me a lot about how women are involved in leadership. I also learned a lot of new skills to bring back with me.
Today in class we discussed the movie that we watched last night. We all agreed that the movie was really inspiring, and just motivated us to persevere and never give up. After our movie discussion, we had some speakers. They were Myrth York and Marcia Rivas, they talked about women and politics. They both work for Women's Fund of Rhode Island. This is basically a place where they give out grants for social change, and they have programs where they train women to become leaders. In the afternoon, we grouped up and did different scenarios on a dilemma. most situations called for an immediate answer because it dealt with someone's life at risk. A lot of them had to do with honesty, and just testing how trustworthy you were.
I'm now working on my capstone project and paper that is due on Friday. Everyone is basically in homework mode right now. I forgot to mention that we are having lunch with Robin Rose tomorrow. Well, I better get back to my paper now!


Charles Ramsey said...

That is life. A lot of time the fun ends, but the memories last a lifetime. Your time at Brown has opened your eyes to the wider world and given you more information about what exists out in our society. As you see, the world is a lot bigger than Richmond California.

Just wait until you have a chance to travel to Europe or Africa and see all the amazing sites and people that exist in those parts of the world. Gina, you have a lot to share with your classmates when you return to California and Richmoond High School. I hope you will continue to be a "visable" person on campus and urge your colleagues to pursue excellence and to focus on the fact that life will pass them by if they do not focus and get the best education they can.

I am also happy to hear you learn so much about charity and organizations that deal with women and deal with issues of inequity in our society.

Have a great lunch with Robin Rose. Ask her if she would blog and share her impressions about the Ivy League Connection.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

dongosney said...

Gina--I'm assuming that the movie you saw was "Iron Jawed Angels"? Even though there were some fictionalized components in this movie, it was largely based on historical facts. Not only did I enjoy it when it was first broadcast, I recently purchased a copy for my own collection and purchased many books on the subject so I could be better informed about this abominable part of our own history where we would try to quash free speech and jail those with opinions different than our own.

[By the way, isn't it strange the way our US History textbooks seem to gloss over or ignore this episode in our history?]

I'm curious about more of your thoughts on this issue--both what was included in the movie and what you've learned subsequently about the issue.

Your feelings of loss about the Brown experience coming to an end is a positive thing, Gina. It suggests that the class--and the experience--has been a success for you. When you consider the alternative--feelings of joy that it's finally over and how you can't wait to get away from your classmates and Brown--I think you see the point I'm making.]

Just as Charles mentioned, we're all looking forward to seeing how you'll apply what you've learned once you return home.

The world is yours for the taking, Gina. All you have to do is reach out and grasp it. Of course, we're all hoping that you'll reach out to others and take them along for the ride.