Friday, July 11, 2008

The Brown University Summer Leadership Institute covers several topics. The Ivy League Connection Students will be attending the Women and Leadership program which is described on the Brown website as follows:

Despite recent political and social gains, women in the 21st century face unique challenges to becoming effective leaders. In this course, students will explore the role of women in the world today, from the classroom to the workplace, from media outlets to the political arena. Throughout, students will gain insight into how gender dynamics impact women's leadership.

Through a variety of academic lessons and experiential activities, including lectures, discussions, films, and role-plays, students will analyze the position and portrayal of women in society. Community and skill building sessions allow students to develop the public speaking, listening, feedback and problem solving techniques of effective leaders. Students also develop action plans for addressing important issues back home. Throughout, students have the opportunity to challenge themselves while working with a diverse community of supportive learners.

This is a great program that our Ivy League Connection students from Richmond High School are looking forward to. Here's a link to the Brown University program video:

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