Monday, July 21, 2008

Getting ready

Today was the beginning of our second and last week at Brown for this summer. In class we presented with our groups our project that was assigned for the weekend, Our Project was to research and present an amazing woman. My group chose a creative woman writer called Margaret Atwood that expressed her thoughts about sexism through her writing. Later in class we got a presentation from a women that works with getting kids to be informed and get into college. Also there was a second presentation from one of the college admission people from Brown and she talked to us about what was in important in a college application.
Today was the official day to get started on our speeches that we will deliver on Friday. Our speeches have to describe our action plan for when we get back home.
Later in the evening it started to rain. It got really dark and it rained today about three times as far as I know.
As of today I'm getting ready for my action plan, for delivering my speech and leaving all the knew friends I've that are from all over.

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dongosney said...

Mercedes--Can you share with us the selection process your group went through to determine who to discuss with your class? Were other names bandied about?

What was there about Ms Atwood that you, personally, found to be amazing?

Maybe you can also share with us what you learned from this college admissions representative and what she explained that was new to you.

Sorry you're having to suffer through the nasty weather back east. We've been suffering with some bad weather here, as well. Yeah, it's after the overcast burns off about mid morning the sun has been shining the rest of the day and the temps have been in the low 70's. Having lived here you know just how bad that can be to endure.