Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An even better day

So just like a normal day, I get up get ready, go to eat a refreshing breakfast, and go to class. In class today we first took some time to discuss what we read for homework. We read about statistics on things women do and belief and about 15 interesting women leaders that are not known world wide. After our discussion we had a guest speaker who just so happened to be Dean Robin Rose. She talked to us and gave us helpful information about listening and feedback. We did activities where we got to use skills for listening and feedback like body language, eye contact, and asking questions to keep the conversation going. One knew thing I learned today was what an "I" message is. An "I" message is a sentence where you say "I feel ____ when you______ because______". We had students and Ms. Robin Rose act out situations where we could use the "I" message.
In our afternoon session we had three presenters from a group called youth in action, which is a group that informs the youth on things like school and life. We also did many fun activities.
In the afternoon we all got together to our homework which included to interview a women from a different generation.
Today has been so far good.

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