Sunday, July 20, 2008

it keeps getting better and better

The day started out great because I got to sleep in an hour extra than usual. After getting ready we the students from the Ivy League Connection and I headed over to Thayer street, the main street, to meet our chaperon, Mr. Miranda. We did so many things I had not done before. We got on the bus for free with our Brown student id's and headed towards the bus station. We walked a few blocks to get to the Amtrak station to go to Boston for the day. We got on the Amtrak train, which a form of transportation I had never gotten on in my life, so I was having fun even if we were just on a train. Arriving at the Boston station we got on a trolley that would give us a tour and I had never before been on a trolley either. Getting off on the first stop of the trolley, we all walked a small shopping center near the harbor, but we only walked and saw because we had to go somewhere else. We had to get in line to go on a boat for a tour around the harbor. GUESS WHAT. I had never been on a boat in my lifetime either. I enjoyed the boat ride, the nice cool breeze, and of course the wonderful site seeing.After taking many pictures and recording many sites we got off the boat and onto the trolley once again. On the trolley, the driver told us where Paul Revere's house was and showed us where he was buried. there were so many interesting things to see and learn about. What caught my attention was the little lake that was used proof if a woman was a witch. After sticking them in the water, if the woman was dead she was Innocent and dead, of course, but if she was alive she was guilty of being a Salem's witch and later killed. When our trolley ride ended we headed for the subway, which again I had never ridden on. We took the subway to Harvard. As soon as we got to the famous university we grouped with a tour. The tour guides showed the building where people like Samuel Adams and Matt Damon Stayed. Then, only a few minutes later, It got really dark, the clouds got above us and cover the entire sun. Loud thunder come and then RAIN. It started to rain hard, that we just decided to skip the tour of Harvard and go eat. When headed to eat it started to pour on us, but it wasn't a tragedy for me because I love the rainy Storm weather. When we got to the restaurant we were all soaked and dripping of water.
Even though on the way back we missed our train and were too late for the bus and had to wait and extra hour for the next bus to arrive later than we planned I had a very memorable fun day. I did things I had never experienced nor thought I'd ever do. It was a very significant day.


Charles Ramsey said...

Yes it was a significant day for you and the other ladies. I am happy that you found the day so fulfilling. This was the purpose of the Ivy League Connection. To allow you the opportunity to learn about life outside of our community. I am glad that you are feeling great about being at Brown and I am also thrilled that Mr. Miranda is making the commitment to show you all that the New England area has to offer.

Back here in California it is cold, dreary and raining. I am not complaining but I do look forward to reading all of your comments. It is so uplifting to know that all of you are representing us and Richmond High School so well.

Continue with the great work and we look forward to seeing you when you return.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

Madeline Kronenberg said...


I am so happy you had such a good time on Sunday. You gave us a wonderful description and I really appreciate your sharing your excitement and enthusiasm for so many new experiences.

Thanks for all the details and for sharing it on the blog -- you made it memorable and fun for all of us reading it, too.