Thursday, July 17, 2008

A day at the ropes course.

Today really taught me about leadership, and how each of us need to work together to get things done. We went to the rope course today and every course dealt with leadership. Everyone got a chance to get their voice heard, and I just felt that they are very accepting. Most of the challenges were ones where you could get muted, this was solely to get the people that weren't talking to talk.
We also played a lot of trust games. These games made us more confortable with eachother, where we felt no need of being conservative. I learned a lot about each girl and their way of leadership, and my own personal way of leadership. I found out that I can actually say something and have people listen to me.
The reading that we have tonight should be really interesting. It's about Disney and how certain people react to the stories. There is a lady who didn't like the way the doctor called her daughter princess because she felt it was a way of stereotyping. Well back to my homework now!

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