Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two Presentations in a Day!

Besides the daily breakfast, we had a great visit from Dean Robin Rose. There was a great discussion about being a listener as well as a speaker: Using "I" messages, makes more of an impact; To consider other's option; Using body language to communicate (75-80% of communication is based on body language!!!); and also to summarize or be repetitive to remember things easier. Time past by too fast!
Before the end of morning class, Kisa passed out note cards with information about the history which effect women most. The class created a sort of timeline circle.
During lunch, I was able to visit the Sci-Li, also known as the Science Library. This building is the largest library consisting of 14 stories high!!! (I will try to upload a picture or get Gina to.) The inside was pretty big! Quiet and comfortable.
Afternoon class: class started with a nice wake up game known as the "human knot". Basically, you get in a group and grab some one's hands that is across from you and not besides you so that it should look all jumbled. The goal, to get untangled! Shortly after this, we went into groups and had a cultural identity talk. I found this really helpful, for I got to understand about an Assyrian, Mien, and Korean culture. It was very fascinating!
Then came our 2nd presentation from the Youth in Action organization. They have been going for 10 years and they are also non-profitable. I think this is what really caught my attention because it influences the community. Their hard work and ideas are giving me a lot of thoughts to what I can do to help my Interact Club and the community back at home. I can draw a lot of inspiration from them! This will most likely help me with my required activity later on. Well then until next time!

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