Friday, July 18, 2008

Career Exploration!!!

Did you know that the majority of people with television will most likely waste a total of 3 years watching commercials?
Today was probably the most interesting and most eye-opening day. We watched a media clip called, "Killing Me Softly 3", which Adriana posted! I saw a lot of ways to interpret magazines, pictures, and quotes. This really showed me that there is still a lot of criticism shown and that many people hardly take notice to it. The portrayal of women, of men, of kids; all these mixed modeling ideas has given me a new insight on how to perceive the world. This was proven when the class did an activity showing the negative and positive pictures of brand named magazines. I don't normally look at magazines, but when I do I never thought about anything bad. When I saw the magazines in class, I was totally shocked! The minds of many people have been shaped for so long through all these ads and commercials, which basically tell us who we are supposed to be in life. Little quotes that did not seem to be there before just popped right out of the page. Modeling pictures took on new meanings! I feel that I gained a new skill, which will really reward me later on!

During the afternoon, we had a presentation of Career Exploration with Caroline Chiang. I really liked this topic because it is something that one has to think about soon, yet not rush. To me, her advice of previously working as a manager gives me a good idea of how jobs are in the "real world". Leadership does play greatly and one must be flexible and firm all at the same time. The main activity we did was RIASEC, (R=realistic, I=investigative, A= artistic, S= social, E= enterprising, and C= conventional). Everyone filled out a survey that showed characteristics of each class. You would check the boxes that applied to you and see which one had the most checks. This would kind of be your main job position, however there were many mixes of careers since they overlapped one another. The second part was pretty short but it gave me realization that I did not know what I truly wanted in the future. We all got an envelope with a list of words and definitions, which defined an ideal job for the future. We had to put them in stacks of high priority, medium, and low priority as well. It seems easy but it turned out kind of difficult because many of the things I wanted clashed with one another; I hoped to work independently yet at the same time be interactive with the community. I wanted a secure and permanent job, yet I wanted change as well. I was really confused, but I know I will try again and then it might be a little clearer in what is to come.
Just one more week! "So much to do so little time!"

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Madeline Kronenberg said...


Welcome to the world of confusion and indecision. Thanks so much for sharing about your new insights from this class.

I am very impressed at how this class is organized and I can hear that you have paid close attention and are learning a lot.

I'm glad you're thinking about your future career. Remember, this is an opportunity few young women have and I can see that you will take full advantage of it.

Thanks for the detailed post -- we are looking forward to more.