Sunday, July 13, 2008

A full day at Brown!!!

Today we moved into our new dorms and we had registration. My luggage was really heavy!!! I got my ID and all the basic information of the Brown rules, all in one packet. My room buddy is Gina!!! yay!!! Did i mention that it was really hot?
So afterwards we all went to the Maddock alumni house, which was was really pretty! It felt so formal and elegant. There was a brunch and then I made a speech!!! It was a bit nerve racking but hopefully it turned out well. We all got a little present too!!! We went to a bookstore to get our books also.
Well we got to meet a whole bunch of people right away, and like many others said, they were from all around the world. I got to meet people from Spain, Turkey, Mississippi, Texas, and many more place!!! Very FUN!
There was a get together for the people in our dorm area and we did an ice breaker...I didn't do very well with remembering the names, but I hope to get it all down...eventually. There was also a dinner after the tour around Brown by our RA or kind of like the dorm adviser person. The food was yummy!!!
During around 7 there was an ice cream gathering were the RA's scooped a whole bunch of ice cream and gave them out. There was an orientation before this too, informing us about computer and Internet access.
I shall conclude that today was awesome. Tomorrow is the first day of class!!! I have pictures but currently can't upload them. Until next time!


dongosney said...

Jessica--What are you still doing at Brown?

After your speech this afternoon, I would have thought that you had given up your remaining tow years of eligibility and gone on the professional speaker's tour.

EVERYTHING we've heard about your speech has been nothing short of fantastic.

Charles and Madeline were ranting about it over the phone, Charles write about it in his update email and your teammates have been singing your praises in all of their blogs. Even Mercedes referred to you as "my Jessica".

I've always liked you, Jessica but you wrote the magic phrase here so you're my newest best friend. You wrote that you have photos to post. Cute, smart, a great speaker and you have photos. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Charles Ramsey said...


I was very happy with your presentation this afternoon. I was glad that Don and I could give you some pointers and you really delivered with your cadence and pose. To have to give a speech in front of a lot of smart people was moving and showed me that when given a chance our students can impress anyone.

Now is the time for you to settle in and become familiar with your surroudings. Learn and learn well. You have a great teacher, Kisa Takesue, Brown Class of 1988 who is a Dean at the University. All of us want all of you, our six ladies, to bring back so much information and empower our schools.

Please remind everyone to spell check, review their grammer, and to fix any typo's. We want excellence in our work and we do not want to rush our posts. This is just a reminder and not a criticism of anyone. You are all doing fantastic work and you are helping to stengthen the reputation of the Ivy League Connection.

Our other students just returned from Dartmouth and Cornell and they have a lot of stories to share. I hope all of you have the same experience when you return in two weeks.

Thanks again for making our day and making us all proud and Don is right, I too am looking forward to seeing the photos go up on the blog. All of you looked stunning today in your skirts and dresses. Your parents would be proud and I know that you feel good and want to have those pictures up so they can say "hey that is my daughter".

Enjoy your class and keep us posted.

Charles T. Ramsey
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District