Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am @ BROWN

Wow, I'm really here at brown in a dorm preparing for my first women and leadership class which is tomorrow. i took me a while to get it in my head, to realize that this is really happening. since it was my first time flying in a plane i was kinda nervous , but everything went well, except that my stomach did feel a little upset during the first flight from San Francisco to Charlotte. but enough about the plane ride. when we got out of the airport we just felt the wave of Rhode island's humid air. on the ride to brown a just stared at how beautiful the city looked with all the trees it posses. since we arrived a day early from when the program started we got temporary rooms.
today we all had to register which by the way went by really fast because of how well everything organized. while waiting in line for registration we all made one friend. so immediately after we all got our keys we rushed to our rooms. and just so happened the the friend we made got put in a room with one of us. we did a lot of exploring , i think i pretty much know where some of the main parts of the campus are.
then we had a wonderful and delectable brunch with so many alumni and important people.I also got to hear every body's input on the ivy league connection and also many things about themselves.and my Jessica gave a really impress speech at the brunch.
so far I'm loving it hear and cant wait to go to my first class that I've actually started to read my book for class.
but i should probably go to sleep to be able to stay awake during class.

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dongosney said...

Mercedes--A great first post--just keep them coming.

I've heard from many back at Brown that the heat and humidity has been oppressive. Sorry. The weather's been great back here at home.

Sorry to hear about the queazy stomach but I'm betting that even though you may have been unaware of the escalating cost of the plane ride, your stomach still knew and it was turning summer salts in anguish over the cost.

Everybody keeps raving about Jessica's speech--we're all very jealous that we weren't able to hear it. Some of us are pretty jealous over the fine meal you were served, too.