Monday, July 14, 2008

Here we have Harkness Hall on Wriston Quad (Harnkess is above -- the picture below is of a dorm nearby) where our Brown students are staying. This gives you the idea of how traditional this campus is and how very steeped in history their buildings are.

The students are spread from the first to the third floor (no elevators, no AC -- just fans and open windows). As a native of Long Island, I can tell you -- this is an east coast summer experience!!!

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dongosney said...

Madeline--I can see the headlines now: WCCUSD Trustees Torture Students!

No AC? No elevators? How barbaric. Oh, wait a minute--I have no AC and I have to walk up the steps to my place. Maybe your response should be that you're just trying to build character.

Nice looking place, though.