Thursday, November 6, 2008

We are back again!

It is just truly amazing that I am able to be on the Brown University campus once more! I remember getting the acceptance letter into the Symposium and I was just totally shocked! It did not seem possible for me to be able to get in. Now that I am here though, it still seems so amazing that in one day I went all the way across the country!
It also does not feel like about 4 months has past since I was in Brown's Women and Leadership Coarse. Coming back with Gina and Adriana, it is so exciting! Recognizing the familiar buildings and streets, sure brings back a flood of memories. It was so wonderful to be able meet with Robin Rose and Kisa again as well! Catching up with one another never seemed probable to me, but here I am definitely proven wrong! I really do not know what's in store, but I am anticipating every bit!
I am looking forward to attending real college lectures tomorrow too, which is happening before the actual symposium starts. This is a major opportunity for me as well as to the others to really get a feel of a college class atmosphere. I think that it will help me immensely to prepare both mentally and physically for college. I really cannot wait for the symposium to start too! It will go by fast though, and I hope to be able to gather as much information to support my goal of putting planning into action!


dongosney said...

Jessica⎯You cannot possibly understand what it’s like to read a blog posting like yours where your descriptions of things you’ve already done and the anticipation of things yet to do are filled with the kind of anticipatory joy normally seen only in children as they await Santa’s coming.

As you mentioned, you don’t know what’s in store for you but you write of your eagerness to embrace it. For those of us worn down by life, those are exciting words.

I would love to place this blog in front of you a year from now before you head off to another lecture so you can read how much you used to look forward to lectures and classes. We’ll see if the excitement’s still there.

We’re all so excited for the three of you. Even though your schedules will be filled, perhaps while you’re stuck at one of the airports you can post something for us to really give us the flavor of this trip. Tell us not only what it meant to you but also what you learned and what you expect to bring back to your own community. Then tell us how your community will change because of this trip. Tell us everything, Jessica!

And don’t forget the pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

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