Sunday, November 9, 2008

For all our blog readers, here is Theresa DiDonato, who taught the class the Social Psychology class that the ladies attended and enjoyed so much. (She has a great website: for her students.) I can understand why taking her class would inspire someone to want to major in Social Psychology.

Professor DiDonato teaches at Hunter Laboratory. Here's a picture of it and one of the classrooms (Carmichael Auditorium):

For all our blog readers, I'm also including a picture of Watson Hall Center for Information and Technology where they took the Marxism class:

And two pictures of Wilson Hall where the Symposium was held:

Finally, here is Faunce Hall where they ended their day:

Sounds like it was a wonderful Symposium and I know we are all looking forward to the pictures that were taken -- and more importantly the exciting results from the weekend.

Wonderful job blogging, ladies. See you soon.

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