Friday, February 20, 2009


Walk, talk, traffic, bus, cold!! And NYU , what my mom and I did, in a nutshell.

My mom and I went to NYU's informational session and tour, today was the coldest day of the three we have been here! It was really cold, I left the hotel with my hair wet and no joke the tips of my hair froze.

NYU was not as nice as Vassar, it is intertwined with the city and I think that's one reason why my mom didn't like it. She likes re more peaceful school, and I like a big city but we will see what happens. One thing I like about NYU is that there is more diversity as well as every dorm room has it's own personal bathroom!

If I get accepted to both NYU and Vassar it will be hard to choose between the two since they are different and both have things I am looking in a school.

Today is my last night here so my mom as I will go out to time square one last time.

Thanks for this opportunity, I had a great time and I learned a lot!

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Don Gosney said...


By now you're on the big bird heading away from the cold and into the wet. We're supposed to be facing the 'Storm of the Century' here although it still looks pretty dry outside.

I hope that a lesson has been learned about the effects of the severe cold and leaving the house not yet fully dried and properly bundled.

I kind of like that idea at NYU of dormitory rooms with a private bath. Do they have any openings for an overaged student looking for some peace and quiet?

I'm surprised at your thoughts about the option between a 'more peaceful school' and a school in the big city. I can understand the need to be around the hustle and bustle of city life but being around a collegiate university town setting has an appeal as well. Nonetheless, the choice is yours.

Hurry home, Adriana, and regale us with stories of your trip to the Big City.